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"Unsettling and beautiful, like an Adam Curtis documentary soundtrack."

- Jake Carriage, Music Underground

"Tinged with Idles, layered with Boards of Canada, and living in its own realm."

- Gemma Hanson, DIY or Die magazine

Amateur Cult is a DIY music act based in Edinburgh, created by AC of False Bliss, DTHPDL and Battery Face. 

The Mirrored Pattern is their debut album and features retro synths, drum machine beats and undulating melodies, creating a collection of songs that is beautiful, unsettling, improvised and natural.


Written in isolation 2020-21 around the Firth of Forth coast, the album is a product of the growing uncertainty we find ourselves in as we contemplate a complex world of manufactured realities.

The eleven track album will be released on 28 October 2022 and features collaborations with rapper TH!NK, haunting songwriter NAIRN, trumpeter HARRY MARTIN and various singers making up a pagan choir.


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